(2,3,4,5,6 класс)

ДСТУ 3768:2010


SSU 4525:2006.

Humidity14,0% basis;

garbage impuritythe basis of 2,0%;

Grain admixturemax. 10%;

in particular damaged grainthe basis no more than 5,0 %;

broken kernels in particularthe basis no more than 5,0%


SSU 7011:2009


Oil admixture3,0%;

impurity Trash 1,0%;

mass fraction of oil in terms of dry matter50,0%;

Acid value of oil1,3




Bulk densitymin. 620 g/l;

Impuritymax 2,0%;

Grain admixture10%;

including brokenmax 5%;


SSU 4964:2008

Humidity basis 12.0%;

Impuritybasis 2.0%;

protein (dry basis)the basis of 34.0%, min. - 30.0% (per cent discount on the price of 1:1);

oil admixturemin. - 18.0% (per cent discount on the price of 1:1);


SSU 4966:2008

Moisture Content8,0%;

trashto 2,0%;

Oil contentmin. 41%;

Erucic acidmax 2%;




SSU 4623:2006.

Sugar - a food product that meets SSU 4623:2006, which is sucrose as individual crystals ranging in size from 0.2 to 2.5 mm, for industrial processing, for implementation in online trading, and other purposes. White, bulk, mass fraction of sucrose at least 99.75%.

sunflower oil

USS 4492:2005

Sunflower oil is obtained from sunflower seeds of Ukrainian origin. Deliveries of unrefined sunflower oil are made) in road and rail tank cars that meet the requirements for the carriage of this product.

Acid numbermax 4 basis. 6 mg KOH / g;

Peroxide numberbase 71/ 2 O mg / kg maks. 9 1/2 O mg / kg;

Moisture and volatile matter contentno more than 0.2%;

Mass fraction of mineral oils max. 50 mg / kg;

Phosphorus containing substances basis 0.6 % max. 1.0% (in terms of sterearolecitin);

Mass fraction of fat impurity max. 0,1%;

Color number25 mg of iodine basis

Soybean oil

Soybean oil - liquid vegetable oil, obtained from soybean seeds. Deliveries are made of unrefined sunflower oil) for road and rail tank cars that meet the requirements for the carriage of this product

Free fat acid (in terms of oleic acid)max. 1.25%;

Color numbermax. 50 mg of iodine;

Acid number2.0 basis max. 2.5 mg KOH / g;

Peroxide valuemax. 3 mmol / kg;

Mass fraction of moisture, volatile matter and insoluble impuritymax. 0.5%;

Mass fraction of fat impuritymax. 0.1%;

Phosphorus containing substances basis 3.0% max. 5.0% (in terms of sterearolecitin);

Flashpoint oilmin. 225 °С

Sunflower cake

SSU 4492:2005

acidno more than 30;

peroxideno more than-12%;


mass fraction of crude oil in terms ofno more than a. d. m.-10, 0;

mass fraction of crude fiber on a. d. more than 20;

protein on a. d. least 34;

soybean cake

Proteinat least 42-5;

Fiberno more than 7,0;



sunflower meal

USS 4638:2006

Meal is obtained by refining of sunflower during pressing and extraction of seeds.

Proteinnot less than-39%;




Soybean meal

SSU 4593:2006

Soybean meal is the protein component of feed for livestock, poultry and fisheries. The high content of vegetable protein in soybean meal saves on expensive animal feed, provide animals, birds, and fish by high-powered.

Proteinnot less than 47%;

Fibernot more than 3,5%;

Fatless than 2.5%;

Humiditynot more than 12.5%


SSU 46.004-99

Wheat flour is made from wheat or adding to it up to 20% of durum wheat. Characterized by a high nutritional value and easy to digest, contains large amounts of protein, vitamins, carotene, phosphorus and magnesium. Wheat flour intended for the manufacture of bakery, confectionery and food products.